Why are Drama classes so awesome? (Part 1)

At Rumple and Friends we’re known for our 13 unique characters who perform comedy magic shows and our super energetic disco hosts who facilitate the best disco parties in Singapore – but did you know that we provide awesome services from schools too?

We’re experts in giving drama lessons, directing shows and providing awesome performance workshops! Our staff are professionally trained actors and actresses and to put it simply: WE LOVE ALL THINGS DRAMA! We think theatre and drama is a wonderful part of your child’s education. Let us list few reasons why:

Drama lessons can boost anyone’s confidence. Through exercises, practice and games drama lessons can make performing and being in the spotlight little less daunting. Drama classes and a fun and safe environment express oneself and learn how to perform and how to be comfortable in front of an audience. Also working towards a common goal (planning, rehearsing and then performing) offers feelings of accomplishment and a sense of great success. We love to see that sparkle in our students eyes and the joy of performing!

Of course there are moments for monologues, and everyone has their moment in the spotlight BUT a lot of drama games and performances require you to work together as a team. Everyone, the cast, the director, the costume team etc., literally has to perform their part for the play to work. Working together on a production gives one a shared sense of commitment. Drama lessons also teach you social skills like knowing when to take the limelight for yourself and when to support your fellow cast members, listening skills, giving and receiving feedback – the list goes on! Learning how to work together as individuals is a skill students will carry with them forever.

Drama exercises encourage creativity and self-expression. Simply playing and pretending allows children to explore outside their usual “selves” and try something new – drama games can give some guidance and framework in this. Drama exercises give the opportunity to express a wide range of emotions, thoughts and ideas that may not be part of everyday life. Also, with for example improvisation exercises (where you come up with characters or plotline in the moment) are great ways to “thinking on your feet” – a skill needed in everyday life.

These are only a FEW benefits of drama classes – stay tuned for part two of this blog post where we highlight even more reasons why we think drama education is important and beneficial!


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