How to organise THE BEST Birthday Parties!

We are Birthday Party Pros! Rumple and Friends entertainers perform at birthday parties every single week so we have a pretty good idea how to organize a killer birthday event! This blog post will outline our TOP TIPS for organizing the BEST kids’ birthday parties!!

Let’s start with the basics:

Sometimes circumstances (venue availability, mom and dad’s work schedule, publich holidays, weather etc.) require you to celebrate the big day on a different date than perhaps the actual birthday date itself and that is absolutely fine! Sunday parties give more time to prepare whereas Saturday parties give you more time to recover. After school parties mean you get to keep your weekends free! It’s the guests and the atmosphere that make the party – not a calendar date.

There are countless options for this one! A condo function room is always a good option but having a party in your house or apartment give it a personal touch! Pushing coffee tables and arm chairs to the side of the room and ‘voila!’ – we have a stage or a dance floor! Add little bit of bunting or a few balloons and any space can go from ‘ordinary’ to ‘party central’!

This one is always a fun one! Our top tip is to have a chat with the birthday boy or girl – it is their party after all so include them in the planning. We fele this can make the birthday boy of girl even more excited for the party as they feel engaged from the start! (Plus they might appreciate mom and dad’s help a bit more now that they know what goes into the party planning!)


Handing out invitations to a birthday party can be super exciting for anyone but with technology there’s so many great options for e-invites too. Our only top tip is to be clear. Clearly state the date, time, address and any extra instructions, for example to ‘dress up for a specific theme’, ‘bring swimming costume and towel’ or that it is a ‘drop off party and parents should pick kids up again at 5pm’.

Things to do
Kids have amazing imagination and can entertain themselves pretty easily, but sometimes it’s nice to have some ‘organized fun’, right? Whether it’s a magic show, face painting, bouncy castle or piñata – we always recommend starting the entertainment approximately 30min after the guest’s invitation time. Most of the guests will have arrived by then and this way all guests get the most out of the entertainment.

Warm meal? Finger food? Snacks? All good options, but the cake is the is the highlight of a birthday party of course! Blowing out the candles after everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’ is an iconic moment that every kid will cherish! So make sure you know where the candles and matches are – you don’t want to ruin the special moment of the day.
Top tip: serve sweets and cake at the end of the party, leave the sugar rush to the final hour!

Other things to note:

– Have napkins and rubbish bags ready and available – kids can make a mess!
– Locate the nearest toilets and make sure to have enough toilet paper
– Have band-aid’s ready – better safe than sorry!
– Have one too many goody bags. Always plan for more guests than you invited!
– Weather contingency plan for outdoor parties
– Collate a list of mom & dad’s phone numbers for emergencies

Finally, the most important TOP TIP: it’s a birthday party for your child. As long as here are friends, activities, and sweet treats the little ones will have a great time regardless of the details. So, don’t stress too much and enjoy the party. Before you know it, your kids be planning their own birthday events.


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