Why you should hire a Rumple and Friends entertainer to your little one’s birthday party

Someone smart once said: “Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, it’s about the moments that take your breath away.” Rumple and Friend’s magic shows will definitely have you laughing so hard you can’t breathe! Birthday parties are one of the most magical days of the year for any child and you want to make that day a memorable event for sure! At Rumple and Friends we want to help you make that day as unforgettable and exciting as possible; we want the day to be filled with joy and laughter. Our magic shows will add a special wow-factor to your little one’s special day!

Hiring one of our characters to do a magic show at your child’s birthday party will guarantee lots of giggles, big smiles and many happy memories! Our magic shows are hilarious and funny, with lots of silly jokes and physical comedy. Not only do we perform a fantastic show for kids (and parents!) to enjoy but we also always get the kiddie-winks involved. We love interacting with the kids during the magic show and we’re always excited to have some mini-magicians helping with the tricks. This keeps the kids engaged and they feel part of the fun show, and not just spectators watching the magician. The birthday boy or girl will of course be featured and we make sure they feel extra special!


After the magic show our entertainers facilitate party games which is a brilliant way to get all the kids involved and energized! Let the kids do what they do best: PLAY! We’ve got a large repertoire of games that we can adapt to any venue, any age group or theme: dancing, parachute games, musical games, simple tags – you name it. Ultimately we want to see the kids enjoy themselves and have a brilliant time, and with our amazing entertainers leading the games we can achieve this!

Organizing parties for lots of little guests can be very stressful! But birthday parties with Rumple and Friends should be as fuss-free as possible for the parents. From the booking process to the event day itself we’re striving to be reliable, clear in communication and punctual. We come to your desired location, we bring all the equipment and costumes we need so you don’t need to prepare anything. You bring the kids and we bring the fun – simple!

super squiggle yawn

Our entertainers are professionally trained with lots of experience performing for and working with kids and we guarantee lots of energy from to entertainers to match the kids’ energy levels. Every child is different, so every party is of course different too! Our entertainers will read the room and adjust the magic show and games accordingly, never compromising on quality when it comes to a Rumple and Friends magic show! So, moms and dads, just sit back, relax, and let our team do what we do best! Let’s make your party our next adventure!

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